Honey Recipes


Using raw honey in recipes provides sweetness and flavor. Perhaps more importantly, it serves as a healthier replacement for refined sugar.

Raw honey is available both as a blend of different honeys (usually marketed under the generic term 'Wildflower') and as specific varietals where the nectar is derived predominantly from one type of source. Depending on the variety used, raw honey imparts flavors ranging from subtly floral to intensely herbal.

In 2016, we will begin posting recipes that feature the use of raw honey.

Honey for Sugar Substitution

1. Different varieties of raw honey have different flavors. They can be subtle or strong depending on the variety. Choose a raw honey variety with a flavor that complements the recipe.

2. Honey is sweeter than sugar. As a starting point, use 1/2 to 3/4 Cup of honey for each Cup of sugar called for.

3. Remember that honey is aproximately 18% water. If you use honey as a substitute for sugar, you must reduce the amount of one of the other liquids in the recipe by approximately 18%.